John Caggiano at North Shore Arts Association
August 14, 15, 16 – “Painting from the Heart & the Head”

This workshop is geared to all levels of artistic ability. It will concentrate on drawing, composition, design, color and value. John Caggiano will endeavor to have each student utilize inner talent and perception to grow and develop his/her artistic abilities. The day will begin on location with a painting demonstration that will emphasize the essential elements of composing a successful painting en plein air. Questions may be asked at this time and are encouraged. Students will then set up their easels and work on their own paintings. John will circulate among the group and help each sudent successfully meet the challenge of interpreting the chosen subject matter. To emphasize a painting principle, mini demonstrations may occur. Otherwise as much painting as possible will be encouraged. At the end of the painting day the class will meet for a group critique. Limit 18.



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